Message from the SHYC Commodore


All of you know that the summer gets busy and we only have a finite number of days to glide on water.  I am not going to recap too many things but here’s what you may have missed if you haven’t been at the Club recently. If you are uninterested in the rear-view mirror and only look forward please skip to Section “On the Horizon”

Jr Sailing Race Team has been travelling to Watch Hill, Niantic, Wad Club, Madison Beach Club (and Crushed them) and Mason’s Island.  You will be happy to hear that our team places in every one of these regattas.  These kids are learning how to sail and be a team.  It’s very cool to see.  Additionally, we had Big Boat Day where George Collins offered to take our Junior Sailors out on his Tripp 62 Chessie Racing!  That stole the show.  Many of the kids got to drive and feel what it was like to be on a powerful 62 foot racing machine. Thank you George for that unique experience.

Believe it or not 4 of the 6 Thursday night dinners are over.  Signups are via Paperless Post as you have probably seen.  If you are not getting those invitations or have any questions about TND you can ask them right now by clicking on your favorite VOLUNTEER here => Helen orGinny. These events sell out every week.  I wish we had more space but we do not.

On the Horizon
If you can figure out a way to get to Fisher’s Island this weekend we are having our Annual SHYC Rendezvous out there.  I am so excited about this venue.  You do NOT need to have a boat to participate.  You can jump the ferry in New London and be there in less than an hour.  That schedule can be found here but the departures are essentially 7am, 12:30pm, 3:30pm and 6:30pm departures.  I think we have 41 boats registered for this and lucky for us Lincoln White (FIYC shorefront manager) is getting things organized so that we can all fit.  FIYC has gone above and beyond to accommodate the SHYC for this get together.  Get out there if you can to experience this unique island of beaches and Saturday Night Fever dance floor at the Pequot House! It’s a late night.  Wrinkles only go where the smiles have been.

Nostalgia Night on August 11
This is a new unique event that Elizabeth Ruben has been noodling for a couple of years and is now ready.  The DJ will feature music from the ‘40s to the ‘70s.  This is a 21+ event.  There will be a Chit bar (that is Chit).  The invitations went out this week via Paperless Post.  This event will not have any Whiz Kalifa, Eminem or Jay-Z.  This is not a Jazzercise class or an aerobic workout.  This is an opportunity to bring your honey out on the dancefloor and work on your slow moves, cheek to cheek and hope things get a little out of hand.   I hope lots of people sign up for this event so when you duck out it isn’t as noticeable.

5 more weekends left of our season.  Get out there and enjoy.  We are so lucky not to have any Red Jellies.  Spoiler alert; any Friday night at the Club is a great night.  I hope everyone is enjoying themselves.

Peter M Ginz
SHYC Commodore