Message from the SHYC Commodore

Get ready for a big weather change this weekend.  The heat is going to go away and the temperatures are going to correct themselves by about 20 degrees tomorrow.  It’s a tough call on wind.  It’s forecasted to be out of every direction including straight up and down on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

For the Club we also have a big change coming.  This weekend wraps up the season for us.  Lots of racing, Annual Meeting formalities, Cocktail party on Saturday night, Awards Picnic on Sunday afternoon, a little more racing on Monday and then lock’er up!  I hope everyone makes it down this weekend to see the summer out properly.  Surprisingly, we had very few problems this year, but it isn’t over yet.  Typically one boat goes up on the rocks on Friday night.  Did you know that? It’s probably the most popular night for that to happen at our club.  Friday night will have winds touching 20 kts.  If for no other reason than statistics; let’s do a good job tying up the boats this weekend.

The Awards Picnic on Sunday is a free event that every member should attend.  It is an opportunity to cheer on the efforts of so many kids and adults that have not only competed during the season but shown excellence in being outstanding members.  The Flag Officers agonizes over our perpetual awards, of which there are 8, to determine who was the most outstanding among the nominees.  It is a job we take very seriously and is never easy.  We have so many outstanding personalities.  Come see the results of a Summer’s effort.  It could be you.

Laura Davidson just told me that we have over 200 people coming to the cocktail party on Saturday night which reinforces my best recollection that our membership still likes a good party at the Club.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend.  Thank you for taking it easy on me this year.

Peter M Ginz
SHYC Commodore