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2019 JR Sailing Programs

  1. 2019 Class Lists & Times (View/Print): Sailing, Tennis, Swim, & Race Team class lists and class times.
  2. 2019 JR Programs Brochure & Class Information (View 2019 Brochure and click here to sign-up)
  3. Register for 2019 JR Lessons/Classes/Teams Online: $100 late fee after May 15th (non-members see below), member’s click here to sign-up
  4. 2019 JR Sailing Kick-Off, Sunday June 16, 2-4pm (for all sailors, all parents, and Race Team Sailors)Meet the instructors and race coaches, have your Opti safety checked, get your RACE TEAM SWAG, buy a new SHYC trucker hats, ask the coaches questions, get your rack/tube assignments.
  5. 2019 JR Program Dates:  Session 1: Mon June 24 – July 19; Session 2: Mon July 22 – Aug 15
  6. *NEW* Sonar Tween/Teen Sailing: New Teen/Tween SHYC Sonar sessions offered on Thursdays from 5:00-7:00pm for kids ages 11yrs+. Each class session is limited to 5 sailors (minimum of 2 needed to run the class each week). Sailors can sign up by the class, no multi-week or multi-class commitment required. This is a great way to learn lifetime sailing skills and/or the skills needed to race in our club Sonar races! Each session/class will be tailored to the interest/skills of the kids that sign-up for that night’s class. No sailing experience needed! Sign-up online
  7. Sign-up for “Safety Parent of the Morning”:  Sign-up online to be a “Safety Parent of the Morning” and/or to host our sailing coaches for dinner at your house!  All parents of sailors in our morning programs are expected to sign-up to be a “Safety Parent of the Morning” at-least once for each child they have in a morning sailing class.  No sailing experience required or needed! (8:45-12noon) Sign-up Online.
  8. Sign-up to Host the Instructors for Dinner:  Our 6 sailing coaches all live at the yacht club and they love invitations to have dinner off the rock!  Please sign-up online to host them for dinner at your home.  Sign-up Online.
  9. Non-Member Race Team Opening:  We have open slots for up to 6 experienced, non-member sailors to join either our 420 Travel Race Team or our Opti Travel Race Team. Non-Member sailors will need a member sponsor, to submit a one page application, and will pay an additional “$350 non-member program access fee.”  (Note, we cannot accommodate non-members in our Sea Squirts or our recreational FEVA classes.  Currently our non-member slots are only offered to intermediate+ level sailors that want to join one of our Travel Race Teams.)   If interested, contact Whitney Peterson at petersonwhitney@gmail.com.
  10. SHYC Junior Racing Program (Link to race team page)
  11. Boxed Lunch Order Form (Print Form)
  12. Junior Program Waivers (Print Form)
  13. 2019 JR Programs Awards Night & Dinner: August Date TBD, Dress code = yacht club attire (collars/dresses)
  14. Summer 2019 = We have 5 RS Fevas!!!

For summer 2019 we have leased RS Fevas to be used in our JR Programs. Feva sailing will be incorporated into many of our classes and there will be a new Doublehanded-Intro class in Fevas in the mornings.  RS Fevas are the fastest growing double handed dinghy worldwide and are taking off as training boats in our area! The boats are targeted at tweens/teens that are too small for a 420s and for racing sailors looking to broaden their skills and try out a modern style, fast dingy with an asymmetrical cute.  The boats are also a big hit with Opti sailors who want to sail with a friend.  Racing and recreational sailors all love Fevas.  Learn more at RS Feva website.