SHYC Junior Tennis  (Adult Tennis visit this page)

SHYC Junior Tennis lessons are segmented by age, with class groupings further broken out by skill, age, gender, and social groupings. We offer multiple levels of classes for red, orange, green and yellow ball players.  Younger developing players will play Red Ball and work on hand-eye coordination, strokes, footwork and the fun of the game. Older, more experienced players will move into Orange, Green, and Yellow Balls.  These players will continue to work on stroke basics and footwork, while also building their speed, agility, and endurance; game-play will round out the curriculum.  All lessons will be fun and incorporate a variety of fun drills, learning games, and more. Tennis will be scheduled to accommodate sailing classes, as best possible. In general, those taking sailing in the afternoon will have tennis in the morning; and those sailing in the morning will have tennis in the afternoon.  Register for 2018 Tennis Online (coming soon).

Tennis Clothing/Footwear Requirements: Players participating in the SHYC Junior Tennis program will be expected to have a tennis racket and wear appropriate tennis clothing.  

  • Tennis sneakers with socks (no running shoes, crocs, tevas, sailing shoes, etc.)
  • T-shirts or sports shirts (no bathing suits)
  • Shorts or skirts with pockets that can hold a tennis ball (no bathing suits)
  • Water bottle, hat, visor, and/or sunglasses


SHYC Parent/Child Tennis Tournaments: We will have two fun parent/child tennis tournaments this year. Two divisions: 10 & Under and Over 10.

  • Cost: $25/team (sign-up with Steve or on the SHYC board)
  • July Parent/Child: Date TBD
  • August Parent/Child: Date TBD


SHYC Club Tennis Championships: We encourage all jr players (typically ages 8+, but ask Steve) to play in the SHYC Club Championships.  There will be four divisions including:  Girls Singles (10 & Under and Over 10), Boys Singles (10 & Under and Over 10), Girls Doubles (10 & Under and Over 10), Boys Doubles (10 & Under and Over 10).

  • Requirements: Free and open to anyone in the SHYC Junior Tennis Programs
  • Dates: Dates & times TBD

SHYC Tennis Pro, Steve Godiksen, by cell at 203-215-6197 or The SHYC Tennis Hut phone is 203-453-6946.

Additional Tennis Questions:  Kiley Russell,