Sachem’s Head Harbor Management Commission

Mooring Management and Assignment Policies

Formally Adopted July 15, 2004

As used herein the term mooring includes both moorings owned by SHYC and leased to boat owners and moorings whose hardware is owned by boat owners.


I       Mooring assignments and the waiting list as of January 1, 2004 are ratified and “grandfathered” by this document. A map of mooring assignments and a waiting list is maintained by the Harbormaster.

II       Mooring assignments represent a right to place a mooring and boat in a particular space in the harbor. Under state law such assignments are not “owned” and are subject to annual renewal.

III       All active moorings must be appropriately registered in accordance with State laws and local ordinances.


IV       Policies for existing mooring owners/lessees:

  1. Completion and return of required information sheets must be done by March 1 to reaffirm the use of the mooring for the following summer.
  2. All fees for mooring lease, maintenance or registration must be paid by March 1 to maintain the rights to the mooring for the following summer.
  3. No sub-leasing of moorings is permitted for owned or leased moorings.
  4. Mooring space (leased or owned) cannot be sold or transferred by mooring holders except to descendants.
  5. If a mooring holder will not be using the mooring for a summer it is to be made available to the Harbormaster to assign on a temporary basis according to the waiting list for that class mooring.
  6. If the mooring is not to be used by the mooring holder the following year it will be assigned per the waiting list. The relinquishing mooring holder will have re-establishment rights per the waiting list policies.
  7. Existing mooring owners/lessees who change boats and need to change the location of their mooring due to length, draft or type of boat will relinquish their old mooring and be placed in a priority position for their new mooring requirements per the Waiting List policies. In some cases a minor relocation of adjacent moorings will be possible, in other cases entirely new mooring placement will be needed.


  1. Waiting List
  2. The current waiting list will be posted by the Harbormaster at the SHYC and SHA bulletin boards at the beginning of the season and updated as needed.
  3. The waiting list will be maintained by class of mooring according to size/draft requirements. A waiting list of mooring holders in Joshua Cove seeking moorings in the main harbor will also be maintained.
  4. SHYC “owning” moorings makes management of the harbor more orderly. Lessees do not have to be members of SHYC.
  5. A person may be on the waiting list for multiple moorings. Second mooring requests within a type of mooring will only be filled if there is no waiting list for that class of mooring.
  6. Waiting list request forms are available from the Harbormaster and must be completed to obtain a spot on the waiting list. Requests can be made at any time during the year. An annual reapplication will be required by March 1, but the original application date will establish priority order.
  7. Due to the limited space available and the risk of storm damage, mooring holders need to be able to access their boats in potentially threatening conditions. Accordingly, priority on the waiting list will go to those who have either direct or indirect access immediately to the Sachem’s Head Harbor.
  8. Transfer requests from Joshua Cove to the main harbor will be filled prior to assignment of new moorings.
  9. The waiting list for new assignments will be maintained by size/draft on a first come – first served basis (based upon date of receipt of properly completed request form) with two exceptions:
  10. Owners of residences with direct waterfront on Sachem’s Head Harbor will be given priority positions on the waiting list on January 1 of each year. This priority applies to only one mooring. Additional mooring requests would follow standard waitlist procedures.
  11. Individuals who relinquished moorings within five years will be given the next priority positions at the beginning of each season in reverse order of their relinquishment: i.e. the most recent relinquisher will be placed ahead of someone who relinquished five years ago.


VI       Mooring Positions/Reassignment

  1. The Harbormaster will have the responsibility for the siting of moorings within the mooring field. No resiting will be done which would have the effect of denying an existing mooring holder a mooring.
  2. Each spring the Harbormaster will present the harbor plan, noting any changes, to the Harbor Management Commission for approval. At this time any major resiting plans will be addressed.


VII      Joshua Cove Moorage Area

  1. Often the first moorings to become available are in Joshua Cove. Once granted a mooring at Joshua Cove, a mooring holder can request a mooring in the main harbor and the Harbormaster will maintain a waiting list of Uncas Point mooring holders wishing to transfer to the main harbor.


VIII      Guest Moorings

  1. Two guest moorings will be maintained at the mouth of the harbor. Additional moorings may be available in Joshua Cove depending on the demand for seasonal moorings. These moorings are for transient use by SHYC members, guests of SHA members or visiting members of recognized yacht clubs.
  2. Guest moorings will be assigned on a first come – first served basis. Guest moorings are not allowed to be used for more than one night without the Harbormaster’s permission.
  3. Guest Mooring users will be required to complete the appropriate form and pay the applicable fee.


XIV       Dispute Resolution

  1. The Harbor Management Commission will be responsible for determining a resolution for any disputes. An aggrieved party may address the Commission in writing or in person.


X       Application Review

  1. The Harbor Management Commission will review all applications made to the CT DEP, or other applicable agencies, for permits for regulated activities affecting either the main harbor or the anchorage in Joshua Cove.


Sachem’s Head Harbor Management Commission

Bill Lee – Chairman

John Henningson – Harbormaster

Tom Ginz

Bob Davidson

Peter Johnson

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