2022 Wednesday Night Racing & Guilford Cup

    • 2022 Schedule: The Wednesday Night Series will officially kick off on Wednesday, June 29th. We are working out the possibility of having some practice starts the previous Wednesday, and will update you all if/when that comes together.
    • Starting Line: The start for Wednesday Night races will return to the vicinity of R16. This will get us  back to our “meet in the middle” approach from both SHYC and GYC boats.
    • ECSA PHRF Certificate:  Boats are required to have a 2022 ECSA PHRF certificate in order to participate.  Visit https://ecsa.net/join/   to either renew your 2021 certificate or obtain a new rating.  If you have any questions about that process, please reach out and we can help you through it.  Note: New for 2022, boats have the ability to obtain a double-handed rating.
  • Yacht Scoring (and NOR & SIs):  Please take a minute to login and register on Yacht Scoring, the platform that we will be using to score the Guilford Cup season. This is also where you will find the Sailing Instructions and the Notice of Race.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out.  See you out there!

Dan Fisher (Fleet Captain, SHYC)


Mark Allegrini (Fleet Captain, GYC)

203 530 5816  | mallegrini@gmail.com

2021 Wed Night Racing Info:

  • 2021 Wednesday Night Racing Notice of Race: Click Here
  • 2021 Wednesday Night Racing Sailing Instructions: Click Here


Updated Weekly PHRF Results Are in The Link Below: